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Sage Garden Design


Ecological Design   Organic Practices   Living Soil   Happy Plants

Tanya Devine

-Ecological Landscape Design Certificate

-Master Gardener Course

-Permaculture Design Certificate


-Didjeridu Sound Healer and Performer

-Devine Soundscape Meditations


Tanya has been an advocate for an earth in balance her whole life and has been living this passion professionally since 2007 as a local gardener and steward of the natural world.

Her deep connection to the elements shines through her work and being, which shows in the beautiful gardens she creates, using stones and a variety of native, medicinal, culinary, edible and ornamental plants.

It is her belief that all life is sacred and she finds tremendous satisfaction in creating spaces that remind us of our deeper connection to the land and the abundance it provides.

Her tribal connection also travels through her didjeridu which she uses with crystal bowls for sound healing sessions that clear emotional stagnation and imbalances. She holds group and private sessions as well as garden visits.

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